Friday, March 29, 2013

Limited Time Magic: Easter Egg Hunt in Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Hi Mousers!

Just got back from 3 days in the park during Spring Break crowds! Woooo-weeee was it busy!
At one point after a parade, I turned around and could no longer see any part of Mainstreet's pavement. It was just a overflowing river of people and strollers.  Craziness!

It's good to take days easy when the park is that crowded.  Running around trying to hit every single attraction and grabbing fastpasses is a surefire way to run yourself ragged.  Especially when you have multiple days in the park.  I read a comment on Instagram this last week that I've adopted, as I love relaxing in the park, "Attractions are for tourists" LOL
It's true! I love going into Disneyland and DCA and taking in all the sights and sounds the park has to offer.  There are shows galore, food to eat, people to watch, characters to hang with, and music to tickle your ears!

Ok, I need to get to the point of this post!

This year, the parks have been marketing Limited Time Magic.  Which means that they'll be offering special attractions or happenings that are out of the ordinary for a certain amount of time.  Last week was an Easter Egg hunt all over DCA that awarded Vinylmation keychains to finishers.  A few months ago, there was the Golden Horseshoe Review and over at WDW special long ago characters appeared for meet and greets.

This week, in DCA, there was a special Easter Egg Hunt inside the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  We took advantage of the Annual Pass Holder early entry to the area (8am-9am) and had a lot of fun.  (Even though we were the ONLY adults climbing up the bridges and stairs LOL) There were eggs hidden along the trail that you had to identify with each part of a special map given to you upon entry.  Each egg had a corresponding letter that you used to decode a special Easter message! I'm not sure the purpose of hiding the individual badge icons on the map, but you scratched off the silver coating to reveal which one you were working on through the challenge.
There was also a little section on the bottom to identify the totem pole animals with their meanings.

After completing the challenge, you could attend the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony to receive your Egg Hunt badge.

The ceremony was really cute! If you haven't gone to see it before it's worth it to go at least once.  The group host starts it out, teaches you the WE motto, and soon Russell joins in after he finds the camp.  You may even get a peek at Kevin too!

This week is definitely worth going because Carl arrives just before the end donning a pair of fluffy white bunny ears along with Easter garland wrapped around his walker. Too CUTE!

Both are available for pictures after the ceremony and you are awarded your Egg Hunt badge, a Senior Wilderness Explorer Badge, and a peep!

If you're going to hit the parks at all through the weekend, go check it out! It will only be available through Easter Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Except, the kids don't take off in a flash. They just kinda stand there looking bored. easter egg hunt ideas