Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Remember When...

 I sit here drinking out of an old Disneyland plastic mug and it got me thinking about all the fun memory filled things that are no longer available at any of the parks.  Which of course made me want to write down all the ones I could remember :)  Granted, I wasn't around when a lot of the bigger changes happened to Disneyland, but there are a lot of little things I wish you could still do.

Remember when...

1. You could get rootbeer floats in special souvenir plastic mugs?

2.  Indiana Jones had decoder cards?

3.  Pirates of the Caribbean didn't contain certain political changes or Jack Sparrow?

4.  Splash Mountain logs were just a single bench?

5.  You could still purchase Fantasia Ice Cream?

6.  You could take the monorail over to the Disneyland Hotel to walk around or have a meal?

7.  It was nearly possible to park your car right outside the entrance gate?

8.  The big dill pickles weren't Kosher? .... sorry, but they really aren't the same

9.  There was something called "Light Magic".... ? (LOL)

10.  The Dole Whip line didn't take 10 years?

11.  There was an entire, albeit little,  kiosk dedicated to purchasing camera film?

12.  It was just known as "Disneyland" .... no Park, no Resort tagged behind?

13.  Mickey ears were just that,  Mickey Ears! They didn't have princess hats, pirate earrings, clouds, jack-o-lanterns etc on them?

14.  Tickets for a family of 4 cost less than a down payment on a car?

15.  The Electrical Parade was not in Florida, not in California Adventure, but at home as the "Main Street Electrical Parade"?

16.  Cast Member name tags were classic like Walt's instead of naming cities, years, or gold?

17.  Cast members had to change at work and use the lockers?

18.  You could watch The Country Bear Jamboree during a hot summer day?

19.  Inside the castle contained creepy doll Sleeping Beauty dioramas?

20.  If you were lucky, you could snag some Mardi Gras beads from the musicians on the balcony above Pirates?

21. The subs had mermaids, giant sea bass, and sea monsters?

22.  there were Sky buckets?

23. Most of the park merchandise centered around the Fab 5?

24. Name embroidery on hats were done by hand?

25.  Attractions weren't built to just fill up space?