Thursday, January 13, 2011


For those of you who don't follow my Illustration blog, this is the latest post over there. I figured it was more than appropriate to share here too. I'm so excited :D

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a safe and happy time celebrating :)

To kick off the new year with posts, I felt it appropriate to show you one of the Christmas presents I received that will be one of my new projects.  To start, my sister and I LOVE going to Disneyland (well, really who doesn't??) and as fun as the princesses and characters are, my favorite thing about the park is the theming and Imagineering that goes on within it. I could pour over those "Art of..." books the park publishes about attractions and lands for hours on end. That being said, anything "art" related to the parks I sorta go gaga over :)
Well my sister surprised me this year with one of these babies:

Its a blank DIY Mickey Vinylmation!

Now I'm not really a Mickey person, I have to say.  The guy's cool and there's always something to be said about what he represents to the Walt Disney Company, but I'm not going to have my entire kitchen branding red pants with yellow buttons. Do you really want to pour your tea out of a spout stemming from a pair of pants? ermmm....No Thanks.

ANYWAY! The thing about these Mickeys is that you can do whatever you want to them! The shape doesn't really matter, it's all about the design element(s) you chose to put on them. For this guy, I'm brainstorming about Disney Memories in the parks. So original right? Considering the entire marketing campaign this year is "Let The Memories Begin". But my memories will never be the same as anyone else's and unlike the campaign, this one will last for a very long time.

I'm going to be using acrylic paint and some sculpted elements added to it. Not sure when this will actually be taking place because I really want to flesh out these concepts before I start painting. I want this to be a really cool show piece and not just an experiment that goes to crap.  So wish me luck!

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