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Once Upon A TIme Q&A Panel!

Hey Mousers!

I had a very exciting weekend I'm still recovering from.  I was very fortunate to be invited to a Q&A session for the ABC show "Once Upon A Time".
If you haven't' ever seen it, it's basically a mash up of fairytales gone wrong both in their make-believe land and in present day.  It's cleverly written and produced by the same people as LOST, another one of my favorite shows. The first season is out on DVD as well as on Netflix, so now's your chance to check it out! No excuses! ;)

The Q&A was heavily sponsored by Hulu plus and is part of Paleyfest at the Sabon Theater in Beverly Hills.  It features special previews for different hit shows, a panel of the cast and insight into the next season as well as questions from the audience at the end.
this theater was so pretty!

In attendance for the panel was Colin O'Donoghue (Hook) - who was limping from a broken leg *sad panda* , Emilie De Ravin (Belle), Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin), Lana Parrilla (Evil Queen), Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow), Josh Dallas (Charming), Jennifer Morrison (Emma) and last but not least creators Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis.

We got to view the sunday nights episode (this was in the afternoon before it aired) on a huge theater screen and then got to see the first act of next weeks! In next weeks episode we get to see a little more about the Evil Queen's mother, Cora who's played by Rose McGowan!

After that they introduced the panel one by one and thats when the fun began!  It was so cool to see each actors individual personality and watch them interact.  You don't get that in other interviews or photo ops.

Some new things we discovered in the Q&A:

Robert Carlyle talked about Rumple's relationship with his son, Bae, and how we still don't know if he has learned his lesson about magic vs family.  He gave up his son to stay in the magical world and when talking to Bae in NY - after spending a lifetime searching for him, he told him he could change back time to start over.... meaning using magic again.  We also learned about the Seer's message regarding Henry and his "undo'ing". We don't know if magic will win over the love for his grandson.... OR if the undo'ing is actually a bad thing...
*those guys are such a tease!*

Lana Parrilla talked about the Evil Queen giving up on being good for now.  She related that she believes the Queen is still the heartbroken girl suffering from the loss of her beloved Daniel but she's pushing that way down deep.  "The Queen's Redemption Tour has been postponed!"
She finished that up with this statement and a little half smile, "I'm sure some of you miss the Evil Queen..... Me too! Should we bring her back?!"

On Episode 17 "Welcome to Storybrook"
We'll be viewing the first week of the curse, the very beginning of Storybrook when all the characters have alternate identities.  There will more insight into the time frame, 1983, in the modern world and how the evil queen figures things out.
We will be seeing the huntsman again! YAY! As well as Pinocchio/August! and Billy the Mechanic
This is the big episode that leads into the 2-part finale.

No plans for Jefferson to return anytime soon as the Mad Hatter.   They're not recasting anyone but his schedule has not allowed him to return to his character.

Big Belle episode coming up! Belle is going to have another identity AGAIN!  Right now she's been hit with a magical amnesia and when she "remembers", almost like David/Charming last season, she will have another personality: "Lacey".  Everyone hinted that she might live up the the "racy Lacey" nickname and that things are going to get a bit interesting with Mr. Gold! haha Can't wait!

Questions came up regarding visiting other lands in the future episodes.  Answer... YES!

Star Wars also became a topic in regards to the strangers ringtone.  Many internet sites had been buzzing about the Lucasfilm tie-in and Disney's recent purchase.  Rumors of Star Wars coming to Storybook are plentiful.  Unfortunately, the franchise will not be making an appearance outside of a few shout outs from the creators.  They're huge fans and happened to be able to fit it in there just for fun.

Final 2 episode titles...
"Second Star to the Right..."
"And straight on til' morning!"
- which means the new Land is NEVERLAND!  - but we won't get to meet any significant characters from there until Season 3.

Some of my favorite moments
- Lana saying she's ready for Snow to "Bring It!"
- when asked if Disney had any restrictions on characters as far as showing a different darker side to the good two-shoes, the answer was "We can pretty much do what we want!"
- Robert Carlyle after being shushed by Eddie on a character development question on Rumple, "That's what's hard about coming to these things to do these interviews and talk about stuff because you can't actually talk about anything!!"
- Emilie's accidental LOST comparison of Belle (OUAT) and Claire (LOST).
- Lana turning Robert into a punching bag when he makes faces about taking his character's grandson, Henry, down.
- Questioning Colin if his guyliner was the same brand as Richard Alpert - who was a fictional character on LOST
- the continuous side glances
- Robert's explanation of the "Bowl of Soup" joke
- Joking Capt Hook's Storybrook identity would have been a Sushi Chef!
- in general, Eddie and Adam's ability to answer a question without actually answering the question!
- creating the hashtag #lovinglincoln

Again, it was so much fun being able to sit in on this.  As you can see, we weren't in with all the cool media and hard core fans, so the pictures aren't the best quality but it was so worth it!
If you would like to watch the entire panel, it is available on huluplus as well as through TVlive here

Thanks so much for following along!

I'll leave  you with one last picture - my kitten was thoroughly entertained with the video feed while I was getting this all together.  :)

Check back later this week for some more posts on fun Disney things!

Have a great week!

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