Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mansion my House please!

Hey Mousers!

I wanted to show you guys some really cool Mansion decor today.  Now, a lot of you have seen some of the merchandise you can buy in the parks and online which includes pillows, throw blankets, candlesticks etc.  These are fantastic collectibles to add to your themed rooms and I don't know how long they'll be around.

 I first saw these mentioned on the Disney Parks Blog a few months back and since then I've seen collectors flooding into the store in New Orleans trying to get each piece.  Many have sold out multiple times, particularly Madame Leota's music box. 

So why am I writing about this now?  

Good question.  Many other bloggers have extensive posts all about each of these items and I encourage you to search around for those if you haven't already seen this merchandise.  (Zannaland is personal favorite and she always has tons of new merchandise reports) 

Very few people are aware that imagineered sections of the Haunted Mansion (specifically Disneyland's attraction) has elements that are available outside of the park.   When Imagineers dream up attractions, many times times they are able to find props in the "real world" to use within the scenes.  I'm sure it makes it a lot easier to order parts in bulk without having to dig through archived shop molds and specialty made designs that may or may not have survived all these years. 

I was first made aware of this when I came across the blog Long Forgotten Haunted Mansion.  I absolutely LOVE and devour the research that goes into each and every post.  Go check it out if you're a Mansion buff.  So why am I telling you to go to another blog?

Because he identified ALL of the Haunted Mansion dishes and flatware within the Dinner party scene! Not only that, but amazingly it's still being sold! YOU can buy it! 


Funnily enough, you can purchase the entire Disneyland Haunted Mansion collection, Spode Blue Italian, at Macy's! (it has 5 star reviews! haha) And of course we need the lovely red wine Goblets to go along with our fabulous china.  These are Tiffin Kings Crown Goblets and can be found on ebay or easy, or even amazon! 

If you're interested in the dinnerware used for the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World or other Haunted Mansion attractions at other parks, the Entire Post  goes into much more detail regarding the different lines of dishware and flatware used.  

And then go buy it and PLEASE re-enact this! 
Guess what? 

I've discovered MORE! 

On a recent trip to Disneyland I was taking random pictures of parts of the park I don't normally pay attention to.  Not only for nostalgia reasons, but I have to keep my Disney Instagram fans happy! haha 
I grabbed a quick shot of the victorian style wall paper next to some of the candelabras in the foyer before you enter the "stretching room".

The wall paper is absolutely gorgeous and the gold leaf of the lilies reflect the candle light each time they flicker.  I posted it on Instagram as well as saying I wished Disney would market it so we could use it in our homes.  Well.... they don't but someone else does!! 

This wallpaper isn't cheap but it's readily available from a company called Bradbury & Bradbury.  They have incredible artistic patterns that go from vintage victorian to modern looks.  The particular pattern used in the Mansion is called Dresser II Roomset - Lily.  Specifically: Lily - Ashes of Rose.

 I LOVE the color pattern and as I mentioned before, the gold leaf.  Some day! 

There area also companion wall papers if you want to mix and match but don't expect them to have scary googly eyes staring at you! 

Well, those are my secrets to be shared... so far... Muah hah ha! I may have some more up my sleeve to make your home even more... ghostly. But you'll have to wait and see! 

Till then, Have a magical week! 

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