Friday, June 29, 2012

Carsland trip: Planned!

What's up Mousers!

We all know that it's been a huge couple of weeks for the Disneyland Resort.
Anyone who's reading this blog probably already knows how exciting it is to be there first hand or for the not so lucky, we can feel the excitement coming from other people who've been there.

Well, I officially planned a trip to go and see it with my own eyes. I'm so excited!! We plan to make use of the new Early Admission perk for Annual Passes.  If you're unaware what that perk/policy is, here's a link to a blog post I wrote about it.

This trip is going to be a bit different than others because we're going for a main purpose.  Operation: CARS LAND.

It's interesting coming from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't get to visit the park as often as I used to when I lived much closer.  Disneyland time was usually spur of the moment and even if we did go a full day, it was at a leisurely pace.  Friday nights frequently ended up  filled with people watching, Gibson Girl ice cream, and multiple rides on Pirates.

THIS time, we're having to plan a bit in advance due to crowds and to get the most out of our time.  Granted, I have been fortunate enough to be able to go to the park multiple times throughout the year even with the distance, so if parts of Disneyland are unavailable or if for whatever reason, we don't get to experience something, it's completely ok! .... well besides Cars Land... lol

1st on the list was to decide which days to visit the parks and we're planning to do 3 days this time.  Do we want to hit over a weekend? Or do we want to stick to only weekdays?

2ndly, Part A: which day do we want to hit Carsland? Knowing crowds over the past few weeks have been pretty intense, we'll probably go one day, take however long we need to take to do all we want, and then steer clear unless for some crazy reason it dies down.
            Part B: register for the Early Admission to DCA. Noting that the scheduled days vary and we need to be aware of which we're allowed to do so.

3rd, Figure out if there is anything special/new that we can make reservations for, ie The Carthay Circle Restaurant. This dining "experience" started taking reservations before it had even opened it's doors and became full very quickly! Your best bet is to call as far ahead as possible - you can make reservations as early as 60 days out. (call 714-781-DINE for the Disneyland Resort).  Dining here is also very advantageous because if you order an entree paired with either an appetizer or a dessert, you get reserved Center seating for the World of Color show, eliminating the need to go stand in line for a fastpass.
I should mention also, again because of the crowds and anticipated long wait times for the attractions, we made reservations for the restaurant on a separate day than our Cars Land day.  The last thing we'd want to do is have to get out of a line or leave a packed area to make the reservation time.

 Other than experiencing and taking in all the new aspects of Buena Vista street, that's about it as far as hard core planning.  I'm positive we'll have plenty of time to do all we wish to do in 3 days, especially with early entry.  I'm holding out hope that Disneyland park numbers continue to stay level and wait times remain lower than normal summer cues.  It seems as though the popularity of the new DCA has relieved poor Disneyland of some of its summer load. It was getting pretty packed out there for the last few years, craziness!

Till next time, Have a Magical Day!

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