Tuesday, July 30, 2013

D23 Expo App available in the App Store!

Hey Mousers!

I thought I would drop in and let you know about a cool FREE app Disney just released for D23!

It's titled as you'd expect "D23 Expo" and has a ton of info regarding the upcoming Expo.
It includes:

- Presenter information
- Schedules
- FAQ's
- Photo Booth where you can edit your Expo photos
- Maps of the Main floor and the Collector's Forum
- A sharing section where you can push your photos and info straight to facebook or twitter
- Collector's Forum with a list of all toy makers present
- Shopping section with official D23 merchandise as well as other official Disney retailers
- Disney Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, photos and more!

As of right now, there is still a lot of information being finalized as well as still being announced.  Disney has said they will continue to keep updating the information as it comes out.

If you are planning on attending the D23 Expo (I am!!), download and check this app out.  It's a great tool to have with you during the event.  I tend to lose papers and they get crumpled and mushed when I don't, so this is going to be great to have handy!

Hope to see some of you there!

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