Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So excited I want to cry! New Little Mermaid attraction at Disneyland!

I had originally posted this on my Illustration blog because it involves my favorite animated film, but of course it's Disneyland related so it deserves to be here too! :)

I know this really isn't illustration related, but I have to share this with you guys because it involves my favorite animated film. 

As a HUGE Disney lover, I eat up any information on anything new coming out of both the Imagineering and Animation departments.  The parks have always been such a great retreat for me to get out of the troubles of the day (or year!) and let myself be immersed in a land of story and excitement. No one can do it better than Disney.  No one!! I mean honestly, think about what you feel as you walk under the railroad tunnels into the beginning of Main Street. With a view of victorian era buildings bursting with gorgeous storefronts, wonderfully themed music surrounding you (Hello Dolly is my favorite!) and a Castle waiting for you to boot! How can it get better?

With THIS!

 (All attraction images are from recent Dateline Disney articles)

The Disney Parks blog released another video this week of the soon to be opened attraction (June 3rd) based on The Little Mermaid! Can I even relate to you guys how excited I am that she finally has a credible attraction? Probably not! haha Most have been meet & greet type set ups and there was (now Pixie Hallow) a fountain section on Main Street at the Disneyland resort that was themed beautifully to the film, but it deserved it's own attraction.  Now, finally!, after 20 years... its Here!

Here's the video from the park's blog :)

You can bet I'll be standing in line with a giant cheesy grin on my face for no matter how long it takes!

Although I wish that Ariel had been able to be placed in Disneyland park itself, she was gifted with a gorgeous building made specifically to house this attraction. The talented imagineers did such a wonderful job with details.  Oh! did I mention part of the color scheme is TEAL? I think the artists snuck a peek at my color pallets haha! The animatronics are gorgeous like you saw in the video, there is a huge mural in the loading area, and at night the stain glass windows are lit to reveal incredible underwater scenes. I just really can't say enough about how well everything has gone for this, there have been a lot of attractions in the last oh ... 10 years! that haven't gone so well for Disney.   I was really hoping this one wouldn't follow suit.  Good Work Disney!

I can't guarantee this won't be the end of my excitment on this haha! It opens just a few days before I get to go to the park in June! So I will for sure be sprinting to this attraction and of course... what would complete the package? An Ariel souvenir! ;P

  I'll be sure to take some pictures and share :)


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